Mission, Passion, Impact Video

Mission, Passion, Impact Video

Youth Empowerment Services (Y.E.S)

The mission of the Dream Girls Conference is to empower middle and high school girls by equipping them with strategies and resources to help them make wise decisions; thus, enhancing their mental, social, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. The Dream Girls Conference is hosted annually by Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. (Y.E.S.).

The Annual Dream Girls Conference has been met with resounding success and great demand from both local and surrounding communities. There has been tremendous growth every year and high praise for the messages communicated to attendees. Due to attendance demands for the sixth annual conference, the location was changed to the North Charleston Convention Center for bigger and more functional space.   

A 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, Y.E.S. has been an integral part of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties since 1999. Y.E.S. has recruited and trained more than 500 adult and peer mentors and volunteers who have faithfully served more than 5,000 people through various school and community-based mentoring programs, college prep activities, community service opportunities, leadership development, conferences, parenting sessions and community awareness activities.

Y.E.S. provides programs and opportunities for involvement year-long. The Annual Dream Girls Conference is the largest event of the year, attracting thousands locally, across the state and beyond.

For more information on Y.E.S., please visit their website.

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